Work From Home Like a Pro

Thankful for this little nook home office of mine 👩🏻‍💻 
I always wondered what it would be like to work from home for more than a few days / week. I’ll be honest, the first two weeks were ROUGH. I’m aware that part of that stress comes from the current state of the world coupled with the fact that our daily routines have been flipped inside out. Despite all of that, week 3 feels great! I’ve found a flow that works for me so here are 3 tips I want to share with you:      
  1. It’s ok to start your day later 🌞 I was originally panicked that I wasn’t able to get on track to start work by 730-8 like I’m used to at the office. I’ve been going to bed way later and was trying to fight my body’s natural rhythm. I gave up on that and am fine with starting around 9 instead because from home I’ve noticed I’m more productive later in the day.                                                                                                                                                                
  2. Spend time enjoying your coffee in the AM ☕️ This ties into my last point — do NOT go straight to work! I also take tea and snack breaks throughout the day, as well as a full lunch break away from my computer.                                                        
  3. Invest in a second screen 🖥 I pride myself on being super quick with just my laptop but trust me, you need a second screen. I use 2 screens at the office so home shouldn’t be any different! This also forces you to have a designated work area instead of bringing your laptop around the entire house with you (#guilty 🙋🏻‍♀️) 

My readers also shared a bunch of AMAZING tips whens I originally posted about this on IG so here's some of the best advice from my community:

"Hi! 😊 I am Cristina from Italy...It is all strange in my routine in these days so difficult. But Now I realize like you that I must do a list with the important things to do during the day. An hour of pilates/yoga/dance...An hour to clean home, an hour to relax with skincare or read a book...An hour to cook something good...then write something because I like to write...and finally sleep" - @natacri73 

"As someone who’s worked from home also I agree with this a lot! ❤️ Another technique that’s worked for me is taking breaks from my phone & laptop throughout the day." - @mghughesauthor 

"Been working from home for over a year now, so when this is over, will still be working in my pjs 😂😂 I work with 2 screens too. I also got myself a portable 2nd screen for when I went to Colombia for a month. So now I can work from my kitchen too 😊 I also take my time in the AM to enjoy myself and relax. While I could roll out of bed and start my work, I like to take a full hour to myself." - @juliedoanhealth

Let me know some of your other tips that should be added to this list! Now the big question is... how long will it take to get OUT of this routine when this is all over? 😅

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